22-May-2018Stokes, NC(7 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! I need about 30 five-gallon buckets. If you have any to spare, even just one, I would be glad to take it off your hands. I am transitioning to a container garden for my vegetable plants, and they need bigger pots! Other five-gallon containers will work, too. Thank you in advance!
I am looking for a porch swing. With or without hardware. If in poor condition, i can repair it. I can pickup at your convenience.
8-May-2018Stokes, NC(7 miles)Items Wanted
looking for used feedbags with good pictures of animals, birds, etc. Good color. Will pick up.
My kids and I are starting our first raised bed gardens and we re looking for any supplies to help us get started.
Fabrics, threads, patterns
17-Apr-2018Stokes, NC(7 miles)Items Wanted
We recently lost our Lab/Basset mix after 16 years of companionship. I know you can't replace a pet, but Larry was such a wonderful dog... we would love to have another Lab/Basset mix.
Hello to all. Im in dire need of the following items: Bunkbed and a sofa and loveseat set or sectional. If you have any of these items you are no longer using, I will gladly take them off your hands.
I'm looking for an air conditioner that will keep a fairly large room cool for my children.
Do you have any old canvases in your closet from Wine and design class? Or any other canvases that you no longer use, any size? I d love to take them off your hands. Thank you in advance
Seeking small dorm refrigerator for elderly Meals on Wheels recipient.
11-Mar-2018Stokes, NC(7 miles)Items Wanted
I am in need of used newspapers. I use them for my house dogs that are paper trained. If anyone has any they don't need please let me know. David.white789@gmail.com. Thank you
22-Feb-2018Stokes, NC(7 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any 5 gallon buckets, kitty litter buckets, large plastic flower pots or old coolers to use in container gardening. Willing to pick up anywhere. Thank you.
1-Feb-2018Stokes, NC(7 miles)Items Wanted
Hello! I am in need of jewelry crafting supplies. I am especially looking for any sizes or shapes of cabochon trays and/or glass domes (no matter if it's for pendants, rings, earrings, or bracelets), suede/leather cord or strips of any size or color, and any variety of beads. I'm also on the hunt for clasps, hooks, yarn, and earring, bracelet, or ring blanks. If you have a jewelry drill or engr...
6-Jan-2018Stokes, NC(7 miles)Items Wanted
Really need two big area rugs (not picky about design, just want them to be clean) for my living room and kitchen. I have an exploring infant and my floors stay cold.
4-Dec-2017Stokes, NC(7 miles)Items Wanted
Need an extra bed when extended family visits. Color doesn't matter. Just so its in good safe working order and good cushions.
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